Thursday, November 10, 2016

Congratulations to Winners at the Kentucky Academy of Science!

From left to right: Sage Boyers, Ellie Kremer, Ian Takaoka, Peggy Brunache, Kendra Hein, and Liza Vance. Photo by Sharyn Jones.

Students and faculty from Anthropology participated and won awards at the annual Kentucky Academy of Science ( ) meetings in Louisville last weekend.

The winners from the division of Anthropology and Sociology included:
1st place undergraduate paper: Lindsey Meador
1st place graduate paper: Kendra Hein
2nd place undergraduate poster: Eleanor Kremer
3rd place undergraduate poster: Sage Boyers and Liza Vance

Ellie Kremer and her poster on women and gender in Fiji.

Ian Takaoka (left) with his poster on the archaeology of ceramic assemblages from Vanua Levu Fiji and Lindsey Meador (rigth). Lindsey won first place for her work on paternal care in free-ranging male Coquerel's sifaka. 

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