Friday, August 5, 2016

Welcome to Dr. Thad Bissett

We welcome a new addition to our department faculty this fall, archaeologist Dr. Thaddeus G. Bissett!
Dr. Bissett's research and teaching interests include:  the archaeology of shell-bearing sites; human adaptive responses to climate change and sea level rise; chronology building; Southeastern prehistoric archaeology and the archaeology of the Ohio Valley; prehistoric interaction networks;  the development of social complexity; cultural resource management and public archaeology;  geographic information systems (GIS) applications in archaeology;  and prehistoric lithic analysis.

Thad's current research includes the transition in the eastern United States from hunting and gathering societies to sedentary horticulturalists that transpired over millennia. Thad writes that “During that period we see major shifts in the ways in which human societies occupied the regional and pan-regional landscape.  I am interested in how, when, and why groups of people began to use and re-use locations, often over spans of many hundreds of years. Shell-bearing sites dating from the beginning of the Middle Archaic (ca. 8900 BP) through at least the end of the Middle Woodland (ca. 1500 BP) cultural periods represent significant sources of data to explore these questions. Further, the excavations of many of these shell-bearing sites took place within the historical context of the development of professional and academic archaeology in the Southeastern United States. For that reason, as well as a prior background in cultural resource management archaeology, I am also interested in the historical narrative of the rise and maturation of Southeastern archaeology, and its contribution to the development of American archaeological method and theory.”
For more information about Thad Bissett, see his NKU faculty profile at:  Welcome, Thad!

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