Friday, May 27, 2016

NKU Anthropology Professor in the News!

Professor Eric Bates appears this week on's webpage in honor of him being awarded NKU's 2016 Part-time Faculty Excellence in Instruction Award!

The article includes an interview with Professor Bates, as well as detailing what inspired him to become an anthropology professor at NKU. Starting out as an undergraduate at NKU in 1999, he describes how taking ANT 230 with Doctor Sharlotte Neely helped determine his path that has led him through his graduate studies and doctoral thesis in which Professor Neely served as his doctoral chair and committe member for his dissertation.

"She is now my collegue and dear friend," Bates says. Professor Bates hopes one day to compile his research on Pentecostalism and Native Identity into a book on the subject. When he is not teaching, Professor Bates serves as a full-time staff member at a Pentecostal church in Independence, as well as spending time raising Paso Fino horses.