Friday, April 22, 2016

Outstanding Advisor Award goes to Kristie Vise of Sociology!

Kristie Vise of the NKU Sociology program has been awarded the Carol Beirne Outstanding Advisor Award! 

Kristie Vise was awarded the Carol Berine Outstanding Advisor Award by the Northern Kentucky Leadership Institute. This award is given to an advisor who leads, inspires, and dedicates their time to a student organization above and beyond the expectation.

The Award was given on April 20th at the annual White and Gold award banquet for her work with the NKU student organization Common Ground. NKU's Common Ground primarily exists for the purpose of supporting and promoting the welfare of LGBTQ+ students as well as our allies at Northern Kentucky University.

The NKU Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy department is incredibly proud of Kristie Vise's work with Common Ground, the Sociology program itself, and the NKU and Northern Kentucky community as a whole. 

Congratulations Kristie!

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