Monday, January 4, 2016

Come take a course in Cultural Resource Management or CRM at NKU in the Spring (ANT 308)!

Most people with a BS or BA degree in anthropology are eligible to work in applied archaeology or CRM. This Spring Denise Knisely will teach students about this career opportunity and the specifics of the field. Anthropology 308, or Cultural Resource Management will provide important specialized knowledge for students who seek careers in archaeology, history, or historic preservation.  Cultural Resource Management (CRM) is the archaeology, history, and historic preservation research conducted in response to Federal, State, and Local Laws.  A large number of archaeologists work in CRM, and this course gives students the knowledge to understand the laws and practice for the treatment of archaeological sites and historic resources.  The course takes a topical approach, and will explore how archaeologists, historians, and historic preservationists operate within the CRM industry.

During this class students will learn the laws that govern the treatment of archaeological sites and historical cultural resources, understand how to evaluate cultural resources for eligibility in the National Register of Historic Places, and the importance of public outreach and education in Cultural Resources Management.

The class is offered MWF from 2-2:50 pm.

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