Friday, October 9, 2015

Update on the Parker Academy Historical Archeology Project

The Parker Academy Project continues as students of both history and anthropology along with NKU President Geoffery Mearns and Freedom Center President Dr. Clarence G. Newsome visited the site this September for another round of excavations.

The Northern Kentucky Tribune details the historical significance of the Parker Academy as well as the work being carried out by NKU students, staff, The Freedom Center, and visiting international scholar Dr. Peggy Brunache who was present to assist with the dig and help interpret the results.

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The Northern Kentucky Tribune
NKU's own Northerner published another article detailing the dig that occurred on September 19th, detailing the excavation of the Parker Academy's boys dormitory where the students are currently focusing their efforts.

Of the project, President Mearns remarked, "This is an opportunity for our students to gain knowledge, but also practical learning experience and has a positive impact on our community."

The Northerner
Both articles show the progress of the student led Parker Academy excavation, as well as the interdisciplinary cooperation between both Northern Kentucky University's professors, staff, and students and the Freedom Center.

The Northerner:

The Northern Kentucky Tribune:

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