Friday, October 30, 2015

Ready for Halloween? The Northerner is! 
Check out the latest stories featuring NKU's own anthropology professors!

The Multicultural Roots of Halloween: Interested in how Halloween traditions have developed over the years into our own modern holiday? Look no further, Seth Thomas details several different cultures have influenced our night of costumes, candy, and horror! Dr. Micheal Simonton and Dr. Zac Hruby both provide insight into how different cultures celebrated Halloween and other similar holidays throughout history.

Should Cultures Serve as Costumes?: Andrea Carter asks the question in an article detailing how some costumes depicting minorities may indeed be offensive. Dr. Sharlotte Neely chimes in and provides her point of view on the subject.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rockin' the Wall: Celebrating German Unity Week!

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of German Unity, the Department of World Languages and Literatures, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, presents German Unity Campus Weeks! On October 29th everyone is invited to a transdisciplinary showing of Marc Leifs 2010 documentary,  "Rockin' The Wall", a documentary on how music contributed to bringing down the Berlin Wall.

The movie will be followed by a round-table discussion with panelists Jeff Smith, Kimberly Gelbwasser, William B.
Hogg, Kimberly Allen-Kattus, Paul Tenkotte, and Marcia Johnson.

The movie will be shown in Landrum 506 on October 29th, at 4:30pm. Come celebrate and discuss Germany Unity!


Friday, October 23, 2015

November is Native American Heritage Month in Kentucky!

Upcoming Events:

October 29The NKU Haile Digital Planetarium and NKU Department of Theatre and Dance are proud to present Crit Callebs, Native American storyteller, at 7 p.m. Learn about Native American culture and its emphasis on astronomy. For more information about Callebs, visit This is a free event. Reservations are required at

November 7Indians as Sports Mascots.  1 pm panel of experts at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in conjunction with Xavier University.  An event organized by NKU Anthropology alumnus Greg Rust.

November 12Pentecost in the Plains: A Perspective of Native Identity on the Blackfeet Reservation by NKU Anthropology Alumnus and Professor Dr. Eric Bates. 6:15 pm in AC 506 at NKU.  Annual Native American Studies Lecture sponsored by the NKU Native American Studies Program and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Philosophy.

Entire Month of NovemberAn exhibit of Native American photographs by NKU Anthropology alumnus Greg Rust at Xavier University on the 2nd floor of the Gallaher Student Center in partnership with the XU Center for Diversity and Inclusion and the XU Center for Interfaith Community Engagement.

Entire Month of November and BeyondAn exhibit of Northwest Coast Indian photographs by NKU Anthropology students at NKU on the 2nd  floor of Landrum. 

Entire Month of November and Beyond:  An exhibit on “Big Bone Lick: A Place of Discovery” at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.  Explore the famous site in northern Kentucky so important to Paleo-Indians.  For more information, go to

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SAP, Anthropology Alumnus Update: Gregory Rust

Greg Rust photography series on Native American culture on exhibit this month in Cincinnati and Ukraine


Xavier University's Director of Photography Gregory Rust is set to open two new photography exhibits this month. The first will be featured in the Ukraninan city of Karkiv, with the other being opened in the Kennedy Heights Art Center in Cincinnati. Both exhibits focus on Native American Culture, an area of interest and expertise for Rust. The Ukranian exhibit is titled "Northern Plains Customs", whereas the Cincinnati exhibition is part of a group showing titled "Concerned."

The showings for the Cincinnati gallery was be held from Saturday October 5th, through Saturday, November 16th. The open hours of the gallery are Tuesday through Friday, 10:00am, through 5:00pm, and Saturdays from 11:00am until 4:00pm.

Gregory Rust is also working on an exhibit concerning Native American mascots for American sports teams. The exhibit will come to fruition at the Freedom Center on November 7th, at 1:00pm. Professional athlete and sports coach Dusty Baker will be headlining the panel with Rust, who commented that, "I wanted a prominent athlete to make a statement, and I was able to secure Dusty Baker former MLB player and manager to be the headliner on a panel with two Native Americans and a clinical psychologist….moderated by Rabbi Abie Ingber."

Gregory Rust's Website:

Friday, October 9, 2015

Update on the Parker Academy Historical Archeology Project

The Parker Academy Project continues as students of both history and anthropology along with NKU President Geoffery Mearns and Freedom Center President Dr. Clarence G. Newsome visited the site this September for another round of excavations.

The Northern Kentucky Tribune details the historical significance of the Parker Academy as well as the work being carried out by NKU students, staff, The Freedom Center, and visiting international scholar Dr. Peggy Brunache who was present to assist with the dig and help interpret the results.

title text
The Northern Kentucky Tribune
NKU's own Northerner published another article detailing the dig that occurred on September 19th, detailing the excavation of the Parker Academy's boys dormitory where the students are currently focusing their efforts.

Of the project, President Mearns remarked, "This is an opportunity for our students to gain knowledge, but also practical learning experience and has a positive impact on our community."

The Northerner
Both articles show the progress of the student led Parker Academy excavation, as well as the interdisciplinary cooperation between both Northern Kentucky University's professors, staff, and students and the Freedom Center.

The Northerner:

The Northern Kentucky Tribune: