Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lights, Camera, and Germans?

NKU Professor, J. Robert Lilly's vast knowledge of WWII has contributed to the production of several documentaries, newspaper articles, and radio programs in Germany, France, and England.

Professor J. Robert Lilly

Just this past Sunday (March 1, 2015) he was interviewed by a team of Germans who are creating a public educational TV documentary on WWII which will be seen by millions of people!  Bob has contributed to more than 5 documentaries since 2001, been interviewed by the Associated Press, AND even interviewed by the BBC during his career.  He continues to work as a professor of Sociology and Criminology, and Adjunct Professor of Law, all the while continuing his publications in journals, books, and various media outlets.

*Click on the link below to read a German newspaper article featuring some of Bob's work on WWII:


**Below are some additional works he has contributed to:

BBC Radio-program "Chocolate Soldier from the USA."

Book: "Taken by Force: Rape and American GIs in Europe in World War II"

Journals: Journal of Law, Adolescence, Qualitative Sociology, Justice Quarterly, Journal of Drug Issues, and so many more.

2015                “Die Verbrechen der Befreier” (The Crimes of the Liberators).
                                    Documentary produced by German public television, Zweities Deutsches
                                    Fernsehen (ZDF).

2014                La face chachee”(The Hidden Face).  Documentary produced by French
                    public television documentary for District 8. 6 Cite de lamenublement. produced by                             Lets-pix-com. Based on Lilly’s (2003). La Face Cachee des GI’s: Les viols commis                             par des soldats Americains. Payot. Paris.

 2006               “The Hidden Face of the Liberators.” Documentary made for French national                                          public educational television. Produced by Program 33. Based on Lilly                                                 (2003) La Face Cachee des GI’s: Les viols commis par des soldats
                         Americains. Payot. Paris.

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