Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Faculty from the Sociology Program have been working to organize a teach-in in response to the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and others as a result of police use of force. The purpose of the teach-in is to promote dialogue and understanding from multiple perspectives (various academic disciplines, campus outreach offices, student organizations, and campus police are participating in the events). There are several events still scheduled for today and tomorrow, including presentations by Dr.'s Joan Ferrante, J. Robert Lilly, and Jaime McCauley at 10 tomorrow in NKU's Student Union, room 302 (SU). See below for a schedule the talks and please share this information with others.

Thursday, December 11 - SU 302
    10:00 Jaime McCauley, Bob Lilly, and Joan Ferrante  “It’s 2014, Why Does This Stuff Still Happen? A Sociological   Perspective”
    11:00 Jaime McCauley Safe space to mourn / share experiences.
    12:00 Harriet Kaufman, “‘The Cincinnati Model’: One Experience of Crises and Reforms in Police-Community Relations”
    1:00- David Childs “The Justification of Murder: The Image of the Violent and Deviant Black Male in the Media”

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