Friday, November 14, 2014

Native Nations: The Survival of Fourth World Peoples just published!

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Professor Sharlotte Neely edited this volume. The following is a review by Dr. Chadwick Allen, 2013-2014 President of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association:

On its own, each chapter of Native Nations: The Survival of Fourth World Peoples provides a succinct overview of relevant colonial history, current political, economic, and social status, and future aspirations for a particular Indigenous people engulfed by one or more First World settler nation-states. Read together in multiple configurations, however, these chapters create multidimensional maps of the Fourth World, exposing in vivid detail chronologies of dispossession and ongoing struggles for self-determination and sovereignty shared by diverse Indigenous peoples around the globe. Moreover, the juxtaposed chapters demonstrate a common trait of resilience among Native North Americans, Indigenous Australians, European Sami and Bretons, Asian Ainu, and Oceanic Hawaiians and Maori, as well as common strategies for resistance, resurgence, and renewal. Native Nations provides a necessary tool for better understanding the complexities of contemporary Indigenous activist movements and for better imagining the possibilities of future Indigenous coalitions.
Professor Neely

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