Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome Dr. Nicole M. Roth!

We welcome temporary lecturer Dr. Nicole M. Roth to the anthropology program this spring! From her faculty page (
My core research interest is funerary archaeology. Currently, my work centers on the regional patterns and cultural implications of Late Bronze Age and Iron Age burial practices in Britain. This research investigates and identifies repeated patterns of the living community’s disposal of their dead throughout the Iron Age as well as across central and southern Britain.

I aim to expand my work in British prehistory by investigating burial practices in the earlier Bronze Age and later Neolithic in order to create a comprehensive synopsis of developing funerary rites and concepts. Such concepts include: ideas of personhood, landscape expressions of identity, symbolism, the control of memory and ideas on human bones as material culture.

However, my scholarly interests are not restricted solely to British prehistory. I seek to explore how other groups and cultures, across time, express ideas such as identity, land claim, kinship and ancestor veneration through their burial rite. I strongly believe the remains of funerary rites can be one of the most insightful and informative finds in archaeology, which transcends groups and time.

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